WebSocket support

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use futures_util::StreamExt;
use trillium_logger::logger;
use trillium_websockets::{websocket, Message, WebSocketConn};

async fn websocket_handler(mut conn: WebSocketConn) {
    while let Some(Ok(Message::Text(input))) = conn.next().await {
        let result = conn
            .send_string(format!("received your message: {}", &input))

        if let Err(e) = result {

pub fn main() {
    trillium_smol::run((logger(), websocket(websocket_handler)));

🌊 WebSockets work a lot like tide's, since I recently wrote that interface as well. One difference in trillium is that the websocket connection also contains some aspects of the original http request, such as request headers, the request path and method, and any state that has been accumulated by previous handlers in a sequence.